...For Breakfast

Feb. 7, 2017


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The Pitch: Another fantastic, hard-hitting Norwegian hardcore trio brought to us by Fysisk Format

What I Like: Just a fun, energetic, and uncompromising record.  When I come for hardcore, this is first and foremost what I come looking for:  Trouble.  With a capital T.  These guys really do sound like they eat heart attacks for breakfast.  For that matter, they "eat lightning and crap thunder" and are "all out of bubblegum."  Next level badassery, you get the point.  The riffs are tight, as is the overall songwriting for that matter.  Concise with little opportunity to space out even for a second, and I like the occasional Botch-y mathcore sounding parts ("Please Just Dance Death").  Plenty of passion in both the lyrics and the delivery (pretty sure he threatened to strangle me at some point?), and the broading peaks spectacularly through every instrument on tracks like "Two-step."

What I Don't Like: There's not really any frills to get excited about a la Code Orange, but like I said, it's NECESSARY for a hardcore band to have this foundation.  Everything else is just icing on top.

The Verdict: Need some solid, no BS hardcore?  Pick up Please Just Dance Death, dance yourself to death.

Flight's Fav's: Drowning Is My New Favourite Thing, Please Just Dance Death, Black Hearts