Aug. 9, 2017


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The Pitch: Eccentric Industrial/Drone duo Boob of Doom are at it again with their 10th release, eXXpre$$ion: an atmospheric soundtrack that may be the group's best work yet.  FFO Nine Inch Nails, cEvin Key, Akira Yamaoka

What I Like: These guys just continue to exceed my expectations with each successive album.  I listen to very little of this type of music, but what started as a morbid interest in the members' oddball emails and song titles has matured into a genuine, growing admiration for their songwriting talents.  If WOW is Dead was Boobs of Doom's Downward Spiral, eXXpre$$ion is their Ghosts.  Their last release featured a wider range and darker tone than ever before, but this one brings a higher consistency and increased replayability than anything else they have created thus far.  Much like Reznor's Ghosts and soundtrack work, these instrumental tracks fuse infectious, industrial grooves with expressive soundscapes.  There is a certain warmth and "coolness" that permeates through each composition, be it through a killer beat or even some reggae influence.  It is music perfect for bobbing the head during a morning commute or feeling in charge while getting some work done.  Even the longer tracks kept me engaged in a certain hypnotic chill.

Critiques: This may not be for everyone who comes to this site looking for really intense, heavy music; but if you're looking to dabble in the genre this is a great gateway drug.

The Verdict: Listening to eXXpre$$ion makes me want to put on dark sunglasses and a leather jacket.  I feel like a badass who doesn't feel the need to tell people he's a badass.  Cigarettes don't make you look cool...Boobs of Doom is what's in this summer.

Flight's Fav's: You Fucking Sheeple Make Me Sick, Aretkistapha, Sleepman

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