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Dec. 26, 2017


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The Pitch: We're premiering the latst track from old school thrashers, Exalter, via Transcending Obscurity. "Arguably Bangladesh's best known thrash metal band, Exalter have surfaced late this year to give us a brand new full length packed with their trademark style of old school thrash. Carrying on in the style that they cemented on their infamous Obituary for the Living release, now completely sold out, they've worked on their structuring some more and give us an equally enjoyable and even more memorable album in Persecution Automated'. With its infallible foundation in Teutonic and in parts even early Canadian thrash metal sound, Exalter are poised to become one of the strongest contenders for Asia's burgeoning thrash metal scene."

For Fans Of: Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Darkness, Protector, Slaughter, Exodus 

Why You Should Check It Out: Thrash is often considered a dead genre these days, but there are a few gems out there just waiting to be found. Exalter recapture the extreme side of the 80's perfectly. fFrom the the sparse production to the catchy riffs and clearly Araya-influenced vocals, they have clearly been studying the classics. This new track, "Incarceration," could have easily shown up on an album like Seasons In The Abyss. No frills, just pure thrashing energy from a talented group of individuals.

Where To Get It: Persecution Automated drops this Thursday, December 28th. Buy it HERE. Stream our exlusive premiere of "Incarceration" below, and hear more tracks on their Bandcamp.

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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