Eternal Forward Motion

May 2, 2019


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The Pitch: London area metallic hardcore in the form of Employed To Serve's sophomore effort via Spinefarm Records. FFO: Vein, Harms Way, Code Orange

What I Like: Well this sound still hasn't gotten old for me. UK band Employed To Serve continue the trend of highly aggressive hardcore that is just as fit for the gym as your local venue. The adrenaline-inducing, iron-pumping energy often resembles that of Harms Way, but other portions like "Force Fed" and "Dull Ache Behind The Ears" will undeniably draw parallels to Code Orange. The latter's transition from balls to the wall grind to beatdown breakdown is sure  to inspire some truly catastrophic moshpits. And speaking of which, there is a decent level of variety on this record when it comes to style and pace. We are treated to everything from large scale, melodic-tinged tracks like "Bare Bones" and "We Forgot You" to the stark minimalism of "Harsh Truth"; one that especially highlights Justine Jone's captivating vocal fury. She will f#$k up your world.

Critiques: As is often the case with these kinds of records, don't expect much in the way of innovation. The ideas are pretty recycled by now; albeit performed and arranged in an exemplary way.

The Verdict: Decimating power matched with diverse songwriting make Eternal Forward Motion more required listening for hardcore listeners in 2019. Fans of the groups listed above in particular will devour this as if they haven't eaten in weeks. Employed To Serve serve no one.

Flight's Fav's: Dull Ache Behind The Ears, Harsh Truth, Owed Zero

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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