Estuarine - Prophecy Denial (Track Premiere)

Feb. 12, 2021


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Today we're premiering the latest track "Prophecy Denial" from the new 2021 Estuarine album/EP Nyarlathotep. Estuarine is a one man experimental/technical blackened deathgrind project based out of Tampa, Florida. This follows a debut self-titled album in 2013, as well as 2018's excellent Sic Erat Scriptum and the follow up EP Wisdom Of Silenus in 2019. Nyarlathotep sees Estuarine only further tighten the project's sound with its very focused 10 minute runtime, creating one seamless piece of music broken into 8 brief movements; a concept album loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep short story detailing the return of Nyarlathotep, the mediator between man and god who is responsible for earth's chaos.

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