June 19, 2018


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The Pitch: Massachusetts metallic hardcore band Vein drop one of the harshest albums of the year with errorzone via Closed Casket Activities. The band will be hitting the road this week with Code Orange and Twitching Tongues.

What I Like: Fuuuuuuuu#%. This album is hella intense and sure to be listed among the best hardcore outings of the year. Vein are nothing short of obliteration personified. This is the sound of a mass extinction event. Taking cues from the likes of Code Orange and Knocked Loose, these guys bring steep competition to the game. errorzone is consistent AF with 11 tracks that will knock your goddam teeth out. Vein focus primarily on metallic beatdown riffs, noisy harmonics and feedback, and seriously threatening, almost blackened, vocals; but there are also a few interesting detours. The Car Bomb-esque melodic sections add an extra layer of depth, and "Anesthesia" drops some cool industrial elements to stir the pot. It's like Harms Way on PCP.

Critiques: Very little to say in the realm of constructive criticism. Just keep going hard, and I'd love to hear further experimentation with new elements.

The Verdict: 2018 continues to be the year of defied expectations. While many of the albums I had been looking forward to stumble through mediocrity, surprises from virtual unknowns like Vein are becoming instant favorites. errorzone is an incredible album that will not dissapoint fans of metallic hardcore and mathcore, particularly of the bands listed in this review.

Flight's Fav's: virus://vibrance, old data in a dead machine, end eternal

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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