April 19, 2019


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The Pitch: Proggy, djenty groove metal from New York's Uncured presented via Seek and Strike. FFO: Hatebreed, Meshuggah, Omega Diatribe

What I Like: There are some pretty solid cuts on this album, especially early on. "Choke" and "Sacrifice" are both particularly strong showcases of Uncured's potential, sporting some seriously killer, Meshuggah-esque grooves and proggy structures. And while there are some clear problems as noted below, Epidemic's high points lead me to believe there is something worth fostering in this band. With improved songwriting, the impressive soloing, heavy riffing, and dark atmosphere could really go somewhere. The hodgepodge of Lamb of God, nü-metal, and hardcore influences could definitely coalesce into something intriguing indeed.

Critiques: The vocals are pretty one-note. I've never been a big Hatebreed fan, and in a way it reminds me of that. Just the same raspy shouting over and over again. There are a few more intense death growls and even some singing on "Death Valley," but more diversity would help. A lot of these compositions also just feel really bland and generic ("Eradicate").

The Verdict: Uncured still have some ways to go in terms of creating a consistently entertaining album, but even so Epidemic managed to snag my attention. Between each of the musicians involved, it seems simply a matter of helping them truly form Voltron with tighter songwriting. For the reasons above, it's at least worth checking out. Also, what is this cover? It looks like Aquaman and Bucky had a supervillain lovechild.

Flight's Fav's: Choke, Sacrifice, Stone Fortress

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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