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Sept. 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Oslo, Norway-based hardcore group Attan infuse elements of sludge and other metal influences into their sound for End of via Fysisk Format. FFO: Converge, LLNN, Hexis

What I Like: For the most part, Attan are simply another aggressive, combative hardcore group; though one that can't avoid the black metal influences of their home region. It's not blackened hardcore, but that darkness permeates the atmosphere all the same. Similarly, I wouldn't characterize them as a "metallic" hardcore band either, but between the death metal backup vocals and sludgier segments, these guys aren't shy about incorporating metal into their sound. The riffs fluctuate between the wailing cries of Converge and more plodding, deliberate trudge of groups like LLNN. The title track ends up being the most unique moment, taking a dramatic departure from the rest of the album with its passionate melodicism and post-hardcore influences.

I thought is was also worth sharing the interesting concept of the album as laid out by the band themselves: "End of was written in an environment that can be compared to the last stages of hypothermia: It is said that right before you lose consciousness, an experience of extreme bodily warming takes place. Often this results in a paradoxical undressing, despite being situated in surroundings too cold to support human life. Metaphorically this irrational behaviour is a fitting description of the times we live in; facing challenges so overwhelming that we in the search for some kind of hope and keep grasping blindly at what so often turns out to be the total opposite of what is needed to redeem the situation."

Critiques: I'm not particularly fond of how the sludge parts find their way into the music. Transitions feel clunky, and the vocals don't always sound great ("Black Liquid Marrow" being a prime example). I have nothing against fusing sludge with hardcore, but moving forward they need to make the union far more seamless.

The Verdict: End of sports some really solid moments that got me interested in the potential this band possesses. While the songwriting and overall implementation of ideas can be hit or miss, I am excited by the high points presented by some of the tracks below. I am particularly sold on how they can continue to polish up the melodic fusions of "SoMe Riefenstahl." Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.

Flight's Fav's: The Burning Bush Will Not Be Televised, SoMe Riefenstahl, Catalyst Divine

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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