Empire of Bastards

Jan. 3, 2020


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The Pitch: Technical grind and death metal from Germany's Under The Pledge Of Secrecy.

What I Like: Empire of Bastards is an interesting amalgam of influences. The title track opens almost as if this is going to be some sort of mathcore outing before transitioning into decidedly death metal territory. Then miniutes later we transition to the more plodding "Glass Palace," which sounds like the blackened death metal of Behemoth collided with Watch Them Die. This eclectic approach allows the band to stand out in the veritable sea of new bands pouring from the floodgates every day. 

Critiques: While I appreciate the variety; the implementation is a little sloppy. Subgenres and ideas often sound as if they are violently smashing into eachother rather than finding a consistent flow.

The Verdict: Empire of Bastards is a solid album with a wealth of influences. It could just use a little more finesse in terms of songwriting and production.

Flight's Fav's: Empire Of Bastards, Euphoric Bliss

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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