Nov. 5, 2015


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The Overmind is a 5 piece death metal outfit from Durban, South Africa. The key word here is drums. The double bass will bore a hole into your brain. Seriously, they have to be triggered. If not, we have been invaded by creatures with far superior dexterity to ours. But even if they aren't, the end result is a delight to listen to. Turn it up to 11.

These ever-precise, shifting patterns are well met by killer riffs and brutal vocals. Hooks chug, squeel, and wail their way through technical death gymnastics and always seem to stick the landing. The frontman then growls, shrieks, and pig squeals himself through the resulting gauntlet of heaviness; sometimes with surprisingly catchy results. "I Wade Through Endless Corpses" is probably what death metal would sound like in an alternate universe where it is ghost-written by pop stars. Don't get me wrong, the song doesn't sound poppy at all, but it has the same flair for creating a catchy vocal hook that gets stuck in your head. "I wade through endless corpses, Eee eee eee" will be the new "watch me wip, watch me neigh neigh." Just you wait.

So yeah, not much else to say. It's 4 solid tracks full of the tech death stuff you know and love. Songs are constructed well and it's definitely worth your time. Check out the full thing below and don't forget to grab yourself a copy and leave some feedback on the album page if you like it.