June 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Tracked live and blending hardcore, crust. and black metal into a "fierce aural attack," The Flesh's debut EP Dweller is "praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion." FFO: Young and in the Way, Wake, Feast

What I Like: All I needed today was a mental purge of the pent up vitriol inside me; and goddam do these Danes deliver on that front. Well suited to the the rotten album art of Mattias Frisk, Dweller is an embracing of societal decay. While some bands turn their albums into a call to action, The Flesh seem to welcome oblivion with open arms. To recite an overused, but no less relevant quote, "some people just want to watch the world burn." As such, this album plays out in a profoundly nihilistic fashion, with each instrument just dripping cynicism. Crusty D-beats, wailing hardcore and OSDM riffs, and menacing blackened vocals unite to celebrate the inexorable darkness within us all. Also, surprise thrash metal on closing track "Fire Red Gaze."

Critiques: From a technical standpoint, there's nothing all that impressive about this album. But there's still something special about it. It's just the perfect storm of the right people in the same ugly mindset. Oh, and random aside, can we settle on a criteria for EP's vs. LP's? 8 tracks seems like a full length to me.

The Verdict: Dweller is the perfect soundtrack to a miserable day. It's good to fight the good fight, but sometimes a little complacency and decadence can help recharge the batteries. We're all human, and right down to their band name, The Flesh make no denial of their fleeting and inconsequential existence in the big scheme of things.

Flight's Fav's: Siren's Call, Salax, Thrones In The Sky

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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