Drum Bass and Strings

Jan. 5, 2017


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The Pitch:  Groovy drum and bass meet strings on a short but sweet release from this unique Verona band.  "Taking inspiration from the classical counterpoint, screening the emotionality of the progressive polyrhythm, developing the union between the arid sonority of the stoner and the Italian poetics, they've left the listener free to feel the nuances that could be or not inside the melodic fabric." 

What I Like: Think MoRkObOt meets those string quartet metal cover albums.  The distorted bass crunches out rebellious domination to some killer beats, but this is offset by the class and sorrow of violin and sometimes piano.  The result doesn't seem like it should work, but this trio have made it happen in a big way.  All four of these tracks have a different experience to offer, and the compositions are both accomplished and highly engaging.

What I Don't Like:  I just want more.  Not TOO much more, but a few more minutes would be nice.

The Verdict: An emotive, distinctive album that draws you in instantly; allowing space both to bang your head and get lost in your thoughts.

Flight's Fav's: Freak, Istanbul