Drone Yourself to Death

June 15, 2015


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Sorry about all the death puns. I watch a lot of Metalocalypse. Anyways, remember the climax to Raiders of the Lost Ark? Just put that on loop and it would be a fitting music video to this album. Extreme drone. Two things that shouldn't work together, but do when done right apparently. It's like a pounding headache without the desire to reach for Excedrin. Autokrator have created something truly punishing.

Given that this is drone, my description will be fairly brief. Tracks are relatively uniform aside from the odd sampled interlude and ambient noise. The vocals are DEVASTATING. The closest comparison I can think of is Primitive Man, but I think Autokrator makes even them look like “Civilized, Well-Dressed Man.” I can't make out 90% of these abominable grunts, but that makes the occasional understanding of lines like “There's NO MERCY” all the more disturbing.

Meanwhile the unearthly low-end of the drums and bass give Meshuggah a run for their money with syncopated, repetitive riffs clearly designed to cancel brainwaves and turn us into mindless zombies. This is less music and more the shifting of tectonic plates as demons climb through the resulting fiery chasms. Endless blastbeats and aggressively accented snare hits trigger erupting volcanoes and signal the end of days.

So yeah...how brave are you feeling today? This is extreme metal boiled down to its most savage core. Don't expect anything more than to bob your head and have your senses berated. This is drone for the masochistic psychopath. Bandcamp. Name your price. Hop on the pain train.