Aug. 27, 2019


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The Pitch: A crater-inducing new EP from Slovakia deathcore crew Abyss Above. FFO: Within Destruction, Cabal, Mental Cruelty

What I Like: The Slavs are absolutely killing it in deathcore right now. Where most American bands are leaving me feeling somewhat disinterested, the colder climates of the East are producing sounds that really linger with frostbite. Abyss Above are the latest to flex their menacing heaviness, and they are not to be ignored. From the utterly destructive drumming to the suffocatingly atmospheric synths, Doombound is sure to drag you to hell...peice by peice if necessary. Abandon all hope and all that. It's 21 minutes of pure torment that punish the mind, body, and spirit alike. The vicous vocals and lumbering low end alone are enough to bring even the most veteran of listeners to their knees.

Critiques: Other than not offering much in the way of new ideas, I couldn't really ask for more from this.

The Verdict: Doombound is among the best and certainly most heavy EP's of the year. It's proof positive that impact radius is quite often more important than the size of the meteor. Add Abyss Above to your list of deathcore acts that may convert even the most cynical of death metal purests.

Flight's Fav's: Omega, Flesh Exposed, Torment

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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