Doom From The Irish Fog

Dec. 30, 2016


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The Pitch: Ireland continues to prove its worth to the extreme metal lexicon with sophomore album from doom metallers Soothsayer.

What I Like: Highly atmospheric and emotive.  Rather than feeling like I'm trudging through endless sustains, Soothesayer really harness melody and reign it like a demonic beast into their overall dark sound.  The outcome of breaking this monster are compositions that feel like true progressions.  They build from quiet mystery in a lurking fog to attacking armies of nightwraiths against a full moon backdrop.  There is plenty of death metal by the time each track closes.

What I Don't Like: These fellas could adventure further with their sound.  They have some touches that strike me as different, but there is plenty of competetion to contend with.  Also never been a fan of whispering vocals unless they are background ambience.

The Verdict: Soothsayer are another exciting metal band out of Ireland that should be on your radar.  These two tracks show much promise for their future, and have piqued the interest of this generally cynical-of-doom reviewer.

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