Disciples of the Void

Dec. 4, 2018


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The Pitch: Finnish black metal band Disciples Of The Void flex their various influences on their self-titled album via Primitive Reaction. FFO: Emperor, Satyricon, Immortal

What I Like: The first thing you should know about Disciples Of The Void is that they are more than initially meets the eye. It would be easy to listen to the first few tracks and think of them as just another Emperor-worshiping black metal band with symphonic leanings. To be sure, they are very good at that, but about halfway through "The Harvest," other influences start creeping in. The sudden aggressive guitar hooks and inclusion of deep, deathier vocals has a distinctly Dimmu Borgir-esque flavor, as do some of the songwriting decisions on the subsequent "The Heirs of Wormwood." Early Cradle Of Filth (minus the screeches and goth poetry) comes to mind as well listening to "Choronzon," and the album closes out with a solid curveball cover of Bathory's "Home of the Once Brave." All of this in a breezy, perfectly appropriate 35 minutes.

Critiques: There are some issues in terms of repetition. Certain songs would be even stronger at a minute or so shorter, and as an example, I feel like the opening riff of "The Harvest" could be fleshed out better. It's atmospheric and foreboding, but it just needs a little more to keep it interesting as the core hook. 

The Verdict: Disciples Of The Void is a ravishingly grim early effort that showcases an exemplary breadth of influences despite obvious groundings in 2nd wave simplicity. I'm excited to hear where their sound develops from here, and regardless of direction hope that they further tighten up the songwriting in the process.

Flight's Fav's: The Apocalypse Reign, Per Aspera Ad Noctum, The Harvest

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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