July 2, 2018


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The Pitch: Texas post-hardcore band Death Will Tremble deliver a sorrowful new EP titled Departures. FFO: Annakarina, Deadspace, The Drowned God

What I Like: I listened to this EP while in an utterly piss-poor mood, and that ultimately proved appropriate Departures is a doomy, depressive post-hardcore outing that progresses through a number of dark corridors over its 14 minute runtime. Its first few minutes is brimming with despair and longing, portrayed perfectly through Hunters roars and the plodding, melancholic guitars. Over time, sounds of anger and rebellion begin seeping in; the vocals shifting to a more spoken word mewithoutyou approach and a bit more aggression in both the lyrics and distortion. This all crescendos in a flurry of tribal toms before the album concludes just as hopeless and depressing as it started. 

Critiques: Another two songs would have been nice to offer a little more, but for a single track this shows some interesting range.

The Verdict: Much like the first time I watched Requiem For A Dream, Departures is an unpleasant experience that leaves me feeling empty; but only in the way that the best art does. It's these deep lows that makes us appreciate every blessing that comes our way, and I'm always impressed by musicians who are able to so genuinely portray such complex emotion.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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