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March 4, 2019


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The Pitch: Pittsburgh technical/progressive death metal supergroup Equipoise deliver an insanely proficient new album featuring members of Inferi, AlkaloidNYN, Serocs, First Fragment, Beyond Creation, and more via The Artisan Era.

What I Like: Definitely check out the full liner notes for this one, because the list of musicians appearing on the album is truly insane. You want riffs? Demiurgus is a bottomless pit of them. Hooks upon hooks upon hooks. It's a veritable orgy of guitar virtuosity. Solos, sweeps, and harmonized noodling take the best elements of all of the above bands and bring them into one positively dizzying space. And if that wasn't enough, we also get some incredible drumming, impressive bass work (great solo on "A Suit of My Flesh"), and truly imposing death growls to create an all-around enjoyable experience. Even lengthy 8+ minute tracks like "Dualis Flamel" manage to keep things engaging for the entire length with some very dynamic songwriting. It's an album that reveals itself more an more with each listen, and as a result I'm having a really difficult time putting it down. Definitely check out my interview with founding member Nick to hear more about how this all came to be.

Critiques: At over an hour in length, it can get a little tiresome until you get acclimated. I'm thankful that the band includes a few Spanish guitar oriented interludes to break up the shredding gymnastics, but even so the sheer density of speed and technicality can at times overtake the actual character of the music. It's amazing how well it all comes together given that each member recorded their parts seperately in their own homes, but you do lose some of that natural chemistry in the process.

The Verdict: Equipoise have managed to execute a very impressive feat. Nick has brought together some of the most talented musicians in the scene, both old and new, and together crafted an insanely rewarding experience. Demiurgus is a must listen for the musicians out there.- and likely to stand as one of the best played albums of the year.

Flight's Fav's: Alchemic Web of Deceit, A Suit of My Flesh, Sigil Insidious

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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