Deep Space Psudokument

Aug. 14, 2017


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The Pitch: "The development of futuristic 70s progressive grind continues, and this time surf rock, doom and electronic classical is incorporated. This is progressive grind that has time travelled backwards an entire year from the future."  This is Psudoku from Norway. FFO: MoRkObOt, Bisbaye, Bangladeafy

What I Like: With Deep Space Psudokument, you're getting roughly 30 minutes of front-to-back mathy, technical avant-garde music.  True to the album title, as well as their previous material, listening to Psudoku is a metaphysical journey through wormholes and collisions with dark matter.  The instrumentation is dripping with funky bass groove as well as a number of progressive elements broken up by the demented, grinding blastbeats.  And while there are no vocals per se, the trippy synthesizer work gives the effect of some alien performance that is perhaps simply beyond our comprehension.  Somebody ought to meme this music into the Jupiter Mission scene or final journey sequence from 2001 is what I'm saying.

Image result for 2001 a space odyssey monolith astronauts

Critiques: Personally, this isn't something I plan on coming back to repeatedly.  I think it's a very solid album, but something about it doesn't scream for me to replay it.

The Verdict: If you're really into psychodelic, mind-bending technical music with plenty of groove, I highly recommend you check out Deep Space Psudokument as well as the previous EP.  Psudoku are a highly talented band that may just need to work on creating an experience that demands more return value.

Flight's Fav's: KCultraVIII_8000, hq_[LQ], TODesprog_3000


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