Date Animals

July 17, 2019


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The Pitch: Experimental stoner rock and post-hardcore from Italian trio Lesbian Wallet. FFO: The Jesus Lizard. Melvins, Mike Patton

What I Like: Lesbian Wallet have seemingly stepped out of a time warp where strange albums like Nirvana's Bleach and Mr. Bungle's self-titled debut were still commercially viable. I find it fascinating that studios and radio stations were able to popularize stuff like this in the 90's, and if I can shine even a modest limelight on newcomers, I'll take every chance I can get. To be sure, Date Animals feels much more bizarre in present day. It's rare to get any TRADITIONAL rock these days, much less something so niche and experimental. From the warbly Clutch/Daughters/Patton-esque vocal delivery to the raw, seemingly improvisational instrumentation, it's a whirlwind of frenetic noise and manic anxiety. Rock and classic post-hardcore a la Fugazi collide with jazz, jam, and psychodelia that spiral into utter madness.

Critiques: I like a certain level of chaos, but for the same reason I never became a hardcore fan of Mr. Bungle or Melvins, it's a little much for my own personal sensibilities. Even so, I am confident that those who live for experimental noise will eat this for breakfast.

The Verdict: Above all else, my hats off to Lesbian Wallet for following their dreams instead of dollar signs. Date Animals is an album made for a very specific, niche fanbase; and the trio seems more than happy to oblige their obscure taste palate at the cost of playing arena venues. Hopefully those same fans are loyal enough to repay the favor.

Flight's Fav's: Date Animals, Stones For Teeth

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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