Dark Matter

April 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Czech Republic's Deminonde share their 2016 album Cygnus Oddyssey.  Dark, progressive, sci fi-influenced metal with a comic book twist.  FFO Umbah, Devin Townsend, Anaal Nathrakh

What I Like: Very creative, and chaotic in a good way.  I can safetly say that I haven't heard too many albums that sound quite like this one aside from maybe Enter the Dagobah Core.  Tracks like "Te Kore" and "Singularity" have a little more of a straightforward industrial metal vibe, but the sonic landscape can change very quickly with Demimonde.  The guitars play with crunchy, mechanized grooves; but also melodeath harmonies, solos, and everything in between.  The vocals are even more schizoid, jumping from Strapping Young Lad snarls to avant-garde baritone to effects-distorted speaking.  And throughout this melee of sounds we get a heaping dose of synth work with equal range.  "Data Breed" is a nice snapshot with its strange droning noises, choral singing, symphonic flourishes, and general experimentation. 

What I Don't Like: The vocals can be a little rough.  I'm all about being weird and experimental, but the singing parts should still stay on key.  I also could stand just a little more structure, and better balance between the avant-garde and and the accessible.

The Verdict: A great album for those seeking a more unique sound; one that stands apart from the endless hordes of death and industrial metal artists.  Cygnus Oddyssey is not a perfect experiment, but it is another which holds plenty of promise for the future.

Flight's Fav's: Te Kore, Singularity