Nov. 13, 2017


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The Pitch: "Complete Failure unleash their vicious new album Crossburner. An absolutely savage and relentless listen, Crossburner is a raw and ragged explosion of venom and malice that reaches new levels of sonic violence." Grindcore, hardcore, and sludge via Season of Mist. FFO: Helpless, Friendship, Gadget

What I Like: When Complete Failure are on, they don't half ass it. Tracks like "Man-made Maker" are a dizzying whirlwind of snare, snarls, and supplicating riffs. Angry music 101. The grindy parts sound like a mangy, barking dog giving chase on a handful of speed. But Crossburner gives you a few alley corners to hid behind and rest. Sludge elements drop in quite frequentlly to slow things down, though rarely sacrificing aggression in the process.

Critiques: I have a rule that a grind album should never, under any circumstances, lead you think to yourself "get on with it already." By nature, every second should in effect be "getting on with it." Crossburner has a few moments of this drag beginning right from the start with the tail end of "Schadenfreude." Trim the fat, keep it lean, less is more.  All that stuff.

The Verdict: Complete Failure are far from their namesake. While tightening up their overall presentation would certainly add to the bite of the music, those looking for a barrage of fury won't be dissapointed.

Flight's Fav's: Man-made Maker, Flight of The Head Case, Soft White and Paid For

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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