Nov. 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Witness the flowering of Bay Area blackened, old school, and often proggy death metal trio Ulthar with their new album through 20 Buck Spin. FFO: Abyssal, Malthusian, Moss Upon The Skull

What I Like: Another perfect union of old school and prog. It's the type of fusion that elevates otherwise familiar ideas to another level. And somehow Cosmovore manages to be both sickeningly primitive and impressively technical. That may seem antithetical, but those into bands like Malthusian and Dendritic Arbor will understand. You can expect a similar defiant abandonment of subgenre boundaries. For Ulthar, all that matters is conveying the maximum amount of carnage. Black metal, death metal, progressive...all equal opportunity implements of destruction. As a result, Cosmovore displays a level of violence that would make Ted Bundy blush. The only reprieve is the still ominous 80's horror synth that closes out "Entropy-Atrophy."

Critiques: There are some parts here and there that drag on a little too long. Oddly this applies more so to "Infinite Cold Distance" and "Asymmetric Warfare" than the 13+ minute "Dunwich Whore." It's mostly a matter of repetition.

The Verdict: Purebreds are overrated. Cosmovore is the mutt you want. Sure, it's gonna s#!t all over your floor and tear up the curtains, but would you rather be prancing around the dog show with the rest of the yuppies? Get a good kennel, cuz Ulthar are coming home with you.

Flight's Fav's: Solitarian, Entropy-Atrophy, Cosmovore

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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