Commune With Nature

Dec. 30, 2016


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The Pitch: One-woman neofolk project based on multi-part vocal harmonies "of ritual and hypnotic atmosphere."  Inspired by nature and atmospheric black metal like Drudkh and Agalloch.

What I Like: So peaceful.  The closest you'll get to connecting to the spirits of the earth through an electronic device.  The most obvious reference point would be Myrkur's recent Mausoleum live album.  Ols is similarly not metal per se, but you can hear the above influences come through.  Instrumentation is sparing: a drum here, some ambient noise, a flute...but for the most part the songs are driven by layered vocal melodies.  And despite often foregoing lyrics, plenty is conveyed.

What I Don't Like: I could stand a little more experimentation a la Skuggsja, but there isn't anything I truly dislike about this project.

The Verdict:  Soothing siren songs.  Find empty forest/field, close eyes, press play.  Only $4.99 USD.

Flight's Fav's: O drzewach, Krew na mchu, Pożegnalna