Columbian Blackened Thrash (Lucifera Exclusive Track)

Feb. 20, 2017


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The Pitch: Columbian, female-fronted blackened thrash metal band tear through the scene like a bat out of hell. Hear an exclusive stream of the title track.  FFO Rebel Wizard, Kreator, early Sepultura

What I Like: The f#$king RIFFS, my man!  So righteous.  If you desire fast and furious hooks with plenty of rapid tapping and pull-offs, but backed by some truly wretched black metal vocals...this is your bag.  Alejandra Blasfemia is a grim warrior in her spitting of the Spanish language like venom, wielding the bass guitar like a scythe.  She even unleashes her wrath in the occasional bass solo as on "A Traves de la Muerte."  Meanwhile, Acid Witch and David HellRazor shred the s#!t out of their axes like they jumped straight of of a portal from 1982.  Throw in the raw D-beats of C. Commander and you have little reason to doubt the energy of this group.

What I Don't Like: Tracks and the album itself feel a bit overlong at times.  I sense some filler that could have been trimmed to really tighten things up.

The Verdict: An imperfect and sometimes bloated release, but with more than enough exquisite hooks and kvlt grimness to pull out the corpse paint and party like it's 1989.  Album releases 2/24.

Flight's Fav's:  Alianzas, de Acero y Metal, Tormentas de Sangre, Preludio del Mal