CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh

Sept. 20, 2018


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The Pitch: The latest lengthy progressive death metal composition from Italy's Autotheism. FFO: Gorguts, Coma Cluster Void, Hadal Maw

What I Like: The sound of Autotheism is one of simultaneous brutality and refinement; a bludgeoning yet forward-thinking journey. While the oppressive nature of the death growls and raw production style may lead the uninitiated to think this simply another act of sonic violence, the nearly 18 minute track goes through a number of impressive twists and turns over its duration. Speed, mood, and stylistic approach shapeshift from moment to moment. At times it's relatively straightforward tech death, others it's a doomy, atmospheric dirge complimented by haunting church bells. Instrumentation displays both technical prowess and attention to dynamics and detail. The end result is highly textured...but once more extremely brutal.

Critiques: No real complaints. I feel like I need to hear more to make any deeper judgement calls, but everything here is top notch.

The Verdict: Take heed: THIS is how you do long compositions correctly. In order to keep the listener engaged, one needs mastery over timing, pace changes, and overall sense of development. Autotheism understands and fully embraces these concepts on CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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