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Sept. 12, 2016


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Bay Area progressive death metal band Inanimate Existence via Unique Leader Records will release their stellar new album this Friday, Calling From A Dream.  The album is the story of a young man’s journey to reunite with the soul of his lost lover. Through his dreams, she guide’s him across a dark mysterious world filled with gods and demons.  Says the band:

“After the release of our last album, we decided to take our sound to a new place while incorporating our roots,  Expect deep compositions with many emotional ups and downs. Inspiration was drawn from music theorists and composers dating back thousands of years. Within Calling From A Dream, listeners will encounter a wide array of musical elements blended to form a rich contrast of sonic textures that result in a dynamic aural experience.”  

Thrilling, gorgeous, refreshing: these are the words to describe an album such as this.  From the very first moments of “Calling From A Dream,” I could tell that there was something special in store.  The serene ambience and wispy female clean vocals and their transition into the ripping tech solos recall another triumph this year in Fallujah.  The guitar work is stunning from the proggy chord transitions to the furious noodling, in fact this may even give the aforementioned darlings of light and dark a run for their money.

And through it all every member of the band makes their mark known.  The death growls are powerful in depths and presence, the drumming is predictably unpredictable, and most importantly they all come together to create beautiful, organically flowing compositions.  While certainly heavy, tracks like “Pulse of the Mountains” and “The Arcane Crystal” are incredibly dynamic.  The range of moods conveyed in song lengths that are fairly average is impressive.

If you are looking for something worthy of both headbanging and firelit nights with a glass of scotch, you should look no further.  While Inanimate Existence traverse the galaxy vaporizing all lifeforms with Laser beams, they manage to stay classy AF while doing it.  And as for the album as a whole concept, there are two kinds of songs on Calling From A Dream: awesome ones, and awesomer ones.  Not a dud to be found.  Amazing stuff that deserves the spotlight this year.  Buy this album and cherish it.