Channeling The Chariot

June 6, 2016


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Quick album, quick review.  Over the years I have become more interested in short EP's for a number of reasons: time, responsibilities, adult-onset ADHD.  But I suppose the biggest one is with the ever-rising popularity of the digital format, people are more willing to grab a single or extended play since it doesn't come with a physical release price tag.  Anyways,  this is Tape Eater coming directly from the band in Massachusets.  You could call this a number of things: noise rock, mathcore, hardcore.  Any name you put to it, this is some energetic, dissonant fun.

The first major comparison that crosses my mind is The ChariotSalt has a similar take on riffs, chaotic vocals, and a less-is-more philosophy.  Others might point to anything from Narrows to Converge.  Songs are short, concise, and just right for those times I only have a few minutes to re-up.  It's an instant dose of amphetamine to the system.  Even with no vocals, Tape Eater take a single minute of music like "Monolith" and turn it into one of the most crushing and ominous things I have ever heard.  I'm not sure I have been this impressed with brief instrumental since NIN's "Pinion."

You really have no excuse to not try this one out.  At 10 minutes, it will probably take you more time to read this than it will to listen for yourself.  Salt is the perfect EP in that the songwriting is tight, the guitar hooks are infectious, and the drumming is a surefire way to damage a few joints.  I love the heck out of this and am so appreciative that the band reached out personally to share something I otherwise might have missed.  Forget the label hype, forget the fancy producers, forget stadium venues: all you need is a bandcamp account and an explorative side.  Added bonus: name your own price.  My one regret is that I only hear of them now that they are calling it quits.