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Oct. 26, 2016


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The Pitch: Philadelphia progressive blackened metal band maintain a unique sound and some truly vile vocals on their latest album, Beast of Light.

What I Like: First and foremost, the harsh vocals on this album are excellent.  They have this throaty, Gollum-esque quality that even when subdued comes across as intense.  The clean vocals over the sudden melodic parts are strong as well.  Musically, this is another prime example of an album that takes familiar elements and condenses them into a combination that sounds a little different.

What I Don't Like: Overall, I really like this album.  However, I do feel like there is an extra step the band could take to the next level.  I'm not sure exactly what that will be, but as their music currently stands I'm not sure I will be remembering them a few months from now.

The Verdict: Beast of Light is a solid outing with some fresh touches and killer vocals that I hope will lead to even more memorable material in the future.

Flight's Favs: "War Is Love," "Burn," "All Fall Down"

You can also catch Surgeon on tour on the following dates:

10/26 Hazel Park, MI at Cellarmen's
10/27 Dayton, OH at The Cloverdale
10/28 Lewisburg, OH at The Haunted Cave
10/29 Memphis, TN at The Buccaneer
10/31 Chapel Hil, NC at The Cabin of Despair
11/1 Charlotte, NC at The Milestone
11/2 Harrisonburg, VA at The Golden Pony
11/3 Baltimore, MD at The Depot.