Carpe Diem, Tomorrow

April 25, 2017


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The Pitch: Arizona-based hardcore quartet, American Standards, here to bring you some good times with a few twists on Anti-Melody.  FFO Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Bungler, 156/Silence

What I Like: Ahhh... here are those endlessly quoteable, fun lyrics I've been missing from ETID's back catalog.  Simply glancing at the song titles should give you a decent idea of what these guys are all about.  Chaotic, noisy, and sometimes mathy riffage and drums join forces with a commanding frontman who can make you laugh, rage, and everything in between.  "My father was a working man! Worked all his life until he DIED!"  It's not the most original sentiment, but one that never fails to resonate.  And if that wasn't enough, American Standards are capable of getting a little melodic as well.  "Bartenders Without Wings" is one such reprieve with a  sound more akin to emo-tinged post-hardcore groups.

What I Don't Like: The consistency is a little lacking sometimes, though never so much so that I lose interest.  I just think that the flow could be a little better and some of the tracks could step up to the same level as the standouts.  The production could also use some work as it feels a bit flat.

The Verdict: A fun release that should satisfy those hankering for a little more satire and social commentary in their vocal performances.  30 minutes with plenty of replay value.  Catch it on Friday.

Flight's Fav's: Writers Block Party, Carpe Diem, Tomorrow, Cancer Eater