Calcified Trophies of Violence

Feb. 16, 2018


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The Pitch: Old school, blackened death metal band Ossuarium "seep out of the depths of Portland" for an EP cassette release via Blood Harvest. FFO:  Antiersum, Escarnium, Entombed

What I Like: I'll keep this one simple. Ossuarium are massively heavy and abhorrently ugly. In just 3 tracks, this Portland band manages to make a deep impression. Calcified Trophies of Violence sounds less like it was recorded in a West Coast studio than some moldy cave in Sweden. The members have a clear love for the brute force of the Scandinavian old school as well as the atmosphere of Norwegian black metal. Gruff death growls echo between blunt riffs and crashing symbols.

Critiques: Ossuarium aren't going to throw you any major curveballs, but they are remarkably consistent. Keep your expectations in the right place and you won't be disappointed.

The Verdict: Press play, get wrekt. Calcified Trophies of Violence may not be particularly original, but it's one of the better revivals of this style I have heard recorded in present day. Get it this week on digital and cassette.

Flight's Fav's: Chapel Of Bone

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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