March 10, 2016


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Wormed is a brutal tech/death/grind band from Madrid, Spain.   I was going to be all lame and say "they need no introduction," but given that I have only been aware of them for the last year or so, that's not really true.  However, for those familiar with the group's previous output (on bandcamp for your pleasure), this is likely one of the most anticipated releases of 2016.  And rightly so, because Krighsu is a f#@king monster.

Just to start things off on a note to the mainstream, so to speak, I think the same people who voted for Cattle Decapitation's album to be best metal album of 2015 will end up doing the same for Wormed.  Krighsu appeals to the same things that The Anthropocene Extinction  did: breakneck drumming, deathy/grindy technical riffing, dizzying songwriting, intense vocals, and stellar production.  The main hurdle for some of them may be the brutal death vox, but otherwise you're just trading vegan gore for sci fi.


Speaking of which, I recall hearing there was a concept behind this album, but I'll probably never know what it is unless I pull out the lyric sheet.  If you can decipher a single word from Phlegeton's performance (aside from the brief spoken word additions), you clearly have more metal ears than I.  It is a cacophony of early Cannibal Corpse grunts and various other guttural noises.  But for all of its ugliness, there is a certain level of finesse to how each syllable and pitch is placed within the music around it.

Yes, you heard me right, I did call this "music."  I realize with the larger crowd who were attracted to read this, I am preaching to the converted.  Most people don't read a Wormed review unless they are already a fan of the band.  But to those who just sort of stumbled in ("mmm..piece of candy!"), I have one request from you: give this one at least 3 uninterrupted listens.  Even as more or less of a veteran to this extreme-sounding of music, a lot of the tracks ran together for me the first time.  However, I simply could not stop spinning it and by the 3rd or 4th time I was beginning to decipher all of the differences that make each track a delight on its own.

That having been said, there were two tracks that "wormed" (lulz) their way into my brain from the very first time.  The first was "A-Life Omega Point" and the second was "Zeroth-Energy Graviton."  These songs just do everything right when it comes to being extreme and technical.  The drums are amazingly varied with a lot of great breaks and changes to emphasize the performance.  The guitar licks are utterly insane both in their evil-sounding qualities and confusing-orgasm inducing speed and technicality.  Finally, the punctuated use of vocals and crunchy bass are like the sprinkles on top of this death metal donut.  Are you going to go with the plain chocolate frosted when you can get a little extra texture and flair?

Clocking in at just 35 minutes, Krighsu is an album that bares no excuse for any self-respecting metalhead to not at least give it consideration this year.  Sure, I've heard more innovative stuff this year; but goddam if this may just be the most intense and impressively played.  More importantly, it meets this last point without succumbing to a loss of soul.  On a final note, buy this album.  Okay?  It releases on March 18th.  You can pick it up via their Bandcamp page.