Brutal Crust

Jan. 31, 2017


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The Pitch: Brutal, consistently pummeling crust from London, UK.  "They spread words of horror and gory themes to paint a bitter criticism of society and incite revolt against a brainwashing, cynical system."

What I Like: Great punk energy and anarchy contorted into a death metal package a la Vermin Womb or ZOM.  The howls and shrieks fall somewhere on the spectrum between Ethan McCarthy and Corpsegrinder.  The drumming is insanely fast, traversing through a nice mixture of blasts, d-beat, and machinegun snare fills.  The riffs are similarly a Frankenstein of grindy power chords and death metal hooks.  Gotta love that bass guitar too.  The nice rumble it settles into on "Lobotomized" is strangely hypnotic.

What I Don't Like:  I might have shaved a few tracks off the end to tighten things up.  I could also use a few more surprises here and there to add some dynamics.

The Verdict: Nihilistic music to satisfy twisted punks and metalheads alike.

Flight's Fav's: Of Guts and Fire, Lobotomized, GIL