Bone Stock

April 20, 2017


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The Pitch: Mary Todd is a math and grind act out of Brooklyn made up of 3 "fiends of exceptionally abrasive, groovy, and experimental musical compositions." FFO Ed Gein, Nostromo, Tanned Christ

What I Like: Just that heavy s#!t that's weird and technical enough for the mathcore crowd, but grindy and harsh and aggressive enough for fans of the more extreme genres.  "Chaotic" fails to describe the shifting time signatures.  Listening to Bone Stock is like opening Pandora's box in a room full of broken glass and razorblades.  The drums sound like a burning fireworks factory and the guitars like some bizarre, intergalactic declaration of war.

What I Don't Like: Mary Todd can get so pandemonious as to lose my attention at times.  I can personally only sandblast my brain for so long.  A little more order would be nice.

The Verdict: The most abrasive 17 minutes of music you're likely to hear this week.  I'd like to see the band evolve and tighten up their sound a bit structurally, but if you're looking for some highly technical dissonance, you've found it.

Flight's Fav's: The Architect, Andrew Johnson, TRS