Bon Appétit

Dec. 22, 2014


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Alright, viewers. Today we are going to cook something a little different. You remember the Pate de canard en croute? Well this is going to be even more complicated than that. Get your ingredients ready, because dishing out a proper Bast Spectres takes a lot of them.

Serves: Hundreds of hungry metal fans across subgenres

Ingredients: 3 cups doom metal 2 cups post metal 1 quart black metal 1 ½ cups sludge metal 3 Tbsp Tool 1 tsp Fugazi ½ cup Mastodon

Directions: First, we're going to need to lay down a pretty solid foundation of doom metal, but we are going to make the dough by pouring the black metal evenly and kneading vigorously until well blended. There may be some dark patches left in the dough, which is fine. Those flavors should come through stronger at some times than others.

Next, combine the doom and post metal in a separate bowl and sprinkle in the Tool sparingly. We wouldn't want our dish to have that processed, alternative metal taste now, would we? We just want to add a little progressive kick and complexity to the drums: it's a good thing. Put this into your food processor until finely shredded. Make a pocket with your dough and stuff it with this mixture. Seal the pocket and apply oil as needed, bake at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes or until the pace, riffs, and textures are lightly browned.

After allowing to cool, top the concoction with our tasty Mastodon butter and garnish with a subtle coating of Fugazi. This will add just the faintest richness and spice to offset the black metal bitterness. You are now ready to serve. Bon appetite!

Note: This is a repost of my review at Metal Storm.