Dec. 15, 2015


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Ah, welcome back famed blackened sludge act, Primitive Man. These aptly named troubedours of tribulation from Denver Colorado have been a big name in this raging bile duct of a genre since they hit the scene hard with Scorn. Continuing a string of EP's, earlier this year they released Home is Where the Hatred Is as well as a single, "Futility." Like the music, I'm going to keep my summation crude:

Loathe: Bluuuuuuuuuurgh rumble rumble BLUUUURGH (11:02, my favorite track)

Downfall: BLURGH D-Beat Blurgh Rumble (8:43)

Bag Man: Bluuuurgh chilling atmoshpere Bluuuurgh chugchug (7:08)

A Marriage With Nothingness: dark ambience and sex(?) moaning

Futility: BLUUUUUUUURGH! (7:00)

If you like being clubbed to death like a poor baby seal, this is all for you. Trust me. It falls along the same lines as my praise for Vermin Womb, with whom Primitive Man share musicians. "Futility" is available as a free single while Home... will run you $7. Denver must be a scary place.