Blackened Ukranian Death Metal

May 31, 2016


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Elderblood is a blackened death metal band from Ukraine formed just a few years back in 2011. Their new album, Messiah, is one of the most dramatic pieces of symphonic extreme music you may very well hear this year. Through Osmose Productions, this sophomore effort promises “a massive attack on the genre.”

Roaring guitar distortion, insane double bass, thrashy solos, epic contributions from various stringed instruments...this should fit right in with Rapheumetas Well, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Winterhorde. But Elderblood have no time to waste on any clean vocals. Only the most ominous of deep, blackened growls will do. Complimented by fierce hooks (“Devil in the Flesh”) or by more atmospheric arrangements (“Invocation of Baphomet”), they never cease their campaign to devour your soul.


Summed up in a word, this album is all about scope. Messiah wishes to brick you in via massive walls of sound. There is not a moment to gasp for air, because every inch of this LP is designed to leave you breathless. And they do it so well. Compositions are extremely tight at anywhere from 5 to7 minutes of always evolving and compelling melodies. Not once during this thing did I complain about repetition or boredom.

Sure, it took me a bit of time to get over the uglier aspects of this band, from the album cover to their constant stream of aggression; but persistence has paid off. The power instilled by the soaring choral additions on tracks like “Leviathan” are every bit as masterfulas those of Dimmu Borgir in their prime. Elderblood create a delightful union of Behemoth riffs with symphonic black metal that should be experienced by fans of all metal genres. On the right tour, these guys could be the next big thing.