Black Flame

July 25, 2018


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The Pitch: Classic era metalcore sounds from UK's Bury Tomorrow via Music For Nations FFO: Textures, Killswitch Engage, Make Them Suffer

What I Like: Sometimes I need to break up the dense and extreme nature of the music I review with something a little bit on the lighter side. For that, Black Flame is just what the doctor ordered. Bury Tomorrow is melodic metalcore that takes me back to the days of listening to Killswitch's Alive or Just Breathing on the way home from school. Hell, this feels like more of a successor to that album than most of KSE's releases since then. It's that perfect balance of aggressive growls and hard-hitting riffs with inspiring sing-songy choruses and dulcet guitar leads. It's catchy and fun, but still plenty heavy. The early-2000's style metalcore/melodeath riffs and solos are infectious as hell, and I just can't stop listening. Hearing some strong Textures influence throughout, and the sparing use of synths doesn't hurt either.

Critiques: There are some slower, more ballad-like moments on the album that I could do without. Nothing cringe-worthy; just not on part with the faster songs. On a more general note, there's almost nothing here in the way of new ideas. Pretty straight-up retread...but hell, it's been a while since I heard a band do this sound right.

The Verdict: I often don't realize quite how much I miss this particular style of music, but every now and then an album like Black Flame nails it so perfectly that I go running to my high school records. I don't care what anyone says, when it came to the the good bands, nü-metal and metalcore was a damn good time. Thank you Bury Tomorrow for keeping that feeling alive.

Flight's Fav's: No Less Violent, Adrenaline, Black Flame

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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