Birth Of The Monolith

Sept. 11, 2017


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The Pitch: Drifting, dark, post-metal EP from Birth of the Monolith of Siberia. FFO: Sonance, Oskoreien, Deadspace

What I Like: Birth of the Monolith lives up to regional stereotypes given its frosty exterior.  I've never been to Russia, but I feel like this EP gives me a taste of its dark and lengthy winter months.  The band favors a slower pace and focus on mood as opposed to technicality or bells and whistles.  In this the band achieves what it seems to have set out to do; and also makes the more aggressive eruptions on "Манкурт (Mankurt)" stand out all the more.

Critiques: This EP might be better analyzed by someone who listens to more post-metal, but for me I tend to prefer a little more variation in speed and emotions.  If you're down with sitting in a black pit of depression, this is the right album for you.  Either way, the short length keeps things from getting boring.

The Verdict: Morose mood music perfect for a cold, grey kind of day.  Given how hot and sunny it's been here, I find myself reaching for something a little more upbeat, but those of you looking for something depressive without becoming dull may find what you're looking for in Birth of the Monolith.

Flight's Fav's: Сердце Полуночи (Heart Of The Midnight)

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