Aug. 16, 2017


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The Pitch: Just weeks after we shared their (excellent) previous EP, Edmonton progressive metalcore band Protosequence is back with another 4 song independent follow-up.  FFO: After The Burial, August Burns Red, Kadinja

What I Like: There are certainly those out there who still skip EP's due to their length, but I assure you that 4 songs with Protosequence is an act of quality over quantity.  I get seriously lost in their music, be it through a spine-damaging headbanging session ("DFL") or stretch of melodic introspection ("Shepherd").  Biophagous offers up another nice showcase of the band's skill across a variety of substyles and paces.  Their technical power still lies heavily on the djenty Within The Ruins/After The Burial guitar riffs, but there's more than initially meets the eye.  Through use of piano, jazz influences, and a flexibility in the drumming; the end result is an EP that feels fuller and more diverse than some full length releases.  It doesn't hurt that the vocals, while fairly typical, come across with plenty of driving force.

Critiques: For my money, I think that Schizophrene hedges out Biophagous in terms of quality, but only by a small margin.  The former is just a little more consistent in quality imo.

The Verdict: Protosequence is a band on the rise in the djent game and worthy of your attention.  While I do think the previous EP is the stronger outing, I like them both enough to recommend you pick up the pair as soon as possible.  If you want to hear more of what these guys are capable of, especially as an independent act, their success is going to rely on your support.  Listen to "Parasitic" below and find it on Bandcamp HERE Friday.  

Flight's Fav's: DFL, The Hate Subsides

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