Binary Garden

July 11, 2019


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The Pitch: Progressive metalcore from Ontario band Auras, conceptually inspired by similar concepts as Black Mirror (when it was still good). Via eOne Music and Good Fight, FFO: Textures, Periphery, Kadinja

What I Like: Auras is another band seemingly interested in taking up the mantle left by Textures. In that respect they'd better brace themselves for some serious competition, but may just have what it takes. All of the best elements are represented in top form: hard-hitting, djenty guitar riffs, vicous core screams, powerfully emotive clean singing, and melodic segways. The guitars strike that perfect balance between technical proficiency and catchiness familiar to fans of Architects and Periphery, often taking a serious turn for the heavy on tracks like "Whiteout" and "Pseudo Intelect." Start to finish, it's an album that is both emotionally gripping and head-bangingly satisfying.

Critiques: The worst I can say is that the band definitely plays it safe. Auras are very much coloring within the lines.

The Verdict: Binary Garden is an impressively consistent album that is toe-tappingly infectious without sacrificing heaviness or adept musicianship. 2019 continues to be a relatively strong year for metalcore, and I'd be interested to really see bands like Auras, Make Them Suffer, etc. really go head to head and elevate the genre to its former glory.

Flight's Fav's: Whiteout, Momenta, Pseudo Intelect

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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