Be One With The Groove

July 7, 2015


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Sanzu is Australian death metal with a touch of djent and deathcore. The vocals are half Jens Kidman, half Wayne Static. The compositions may sound a bit chuggy on the surface, but there is plenty technical going on with the timing. The very modern production fits the somewhat robotic-sounding qualities of the sound; like a steady, methodical turning of cogs. Some of the slower riffs, like the plodding and ominous “For All,” reminded me of Morbid Angel’s “Where the Slime Lives.”

“Variant Red” rips the EP open with a vicious opening riff that contrasts starkly with the slower finale of “Defamer.” As the track progresses through churning palm-mutes, it opens up into a slow, hypnotizing tapping bridge that is simple, but very effective. Those last four words could actually apply to much of the album. While the endless stream of tremolo lines and squealing chords lack flair, they make up for it with consistent pacing and prophetic vocal performances as on “Lunar Crush.” That’s not to mention the excellent kit work from Ben Stanley.

So what are you getting for your 10 AUD (just under $8)? Five solid arrangements full of shifting time signatures and low end that clock in around 30 minutes. Let’s be honest, there are times where we can’t be bothered for a full hour of music, and this is perfect for that. Workout fuel, the drive home, whatever; Sanzu have crafted something here that I was able to enjoy in multiple settings. Click below and be one with the groove