Banshee O Beast

Nov. 7, 2017


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The Pitch: Swiss five-piece hardcore/post-hardcore group Unfold deliver a "dark and devastating record of rare quality." The band promises to "shatter the bonds of stylistically limitations and tendencies and strive to spread the smell of blood all over this incisive record," this time featuring guest vocalist Louis Jucker (Coilguns, Autisti). FFO: Will Haven, Code Orange

What I Like: Unfold do some subtle, interesting things with their sound.  In addition to the usual thunderous guitars and aggressive howls, the band plays with quirky, memorable electronic flourishes and stunning drum textures.  Their base sound reminds me a bit of early Will Haven or Stray From The Path circa Villains, but thanks to moments like the conclusion of "Admirals Dissono," it ends up being so much more.  This synth outro sounds like something out of the Blade Runner franchise; dripping with 80's sci fi flair.  But even sticking to the standard instruments, the drums steal the show.  The rhythm section plays with straight hardcore, industrial influences, and most notably full tribal on the powerful instrumental, "They Had Wolves In Their Eyes..."  The production can be a little rough around the edges, but overall it ends up aiding the liveliness of the performance.

Critiques: More experimentation.  Much, much more.  The little surprises on this album are undoubtedly its lifesblood.  While it's important to remember that the space between the special flavors makes them stand out all the more, I would love to see these guys strike a balance similar to groups like Code Orange; albeit in a more synth-oriented direction.

The Verdict: Banshee O Beast isn't quite as consistently impressive as I would like, but it engages my interest throughout its duration.  More importantly, the high points are very high and I am certain that your first listen will lead you to turn your head at least a few times.  Listen right now.

Flight's Fav's: Hex Heyday, Admirals Dissono, They Had Wolves In Their Eyes And Knives In...

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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