Autumn in April

April 26, 2017


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The Pitch:  Italian atmospheric black metal band Enisum returns with new label Avantgarde Music with an album that is easily their most expansive to date.  FFO UADA, Altar of Plagues, Fen

What I Like: Enisum have seriously built on all of their previously strengths, but also waded much deeper into the waters of possibility.  The most obvious addition are the clean vocals of new member, Epheliin, which add plenty to the dynamics and flow of Seasons of Desolation without detracting from its harsh black metal veneer.  Quite to the contrary, Lys' vocals are more fierce than ever on tracks like "Snow Storm."  I considered Arpitanian Lands to have some progressive elements, but the singing and a little more variety in the guitar writing have taken the band to the next tier.  Which brings me to my second point: vocals aside, the riffs on this album are more complex, engaging, and heavy across the board.  That drum performance on "Nameless Sadness" ain't too shabby either.  I enjoyed the previous outing enough, but it didn't have a ton of replay value for me.  I see myself spending a lot more time with this one.

What I Don't Like:  Some strides could still be made towards stepping out of the bloated "atmospheric" subgenre and into their own listening space as bands like Entropia have.  I'd like to hear a little more experimentation with other sounds and subgenres.  "Obscure Depths" plays with some death metal growls, but doesn't quite come together yet.  It also might not hurt to trim some of these runtimes with less repetition.

The Verdict: An excellent example of a band naturally maturing and exploring; but more importantly making a stronger album as a result.  Seasons of Desolation is available tomorrow.  Stream and preorder below.

Flight's Fav's: Snow Storm, Balance Of Insanity, Nameless Sadness