Autocognition Of Light

Nov. 28, 2017


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The Pitch: Goathorned Productions presents the latest from Columbian occultists Ignis Haereticum. "Arguably even more towering than its no-less-considerable predecessor, Autocognition of Light dazzles and defies with an eerily seamless ease, its iteration of orthodox black metal soundly trumping the hapless throngs of Deathspell Omega worship." FFO: Mephorash, Akhlys, Ulcerate

What I Like: Autocognition of Light is a truly towering inferno of sound. The focus is similar to that of Akhlys' The Dreaming I, in that compositions are built upon a few simple ideas that grow and fester over time. A tiny spark in the form of an ominous guitar lead is fed kindling and oxygen until it becomes a raging wildfire of technical blastbeats, layered hooks, and blackened snarls. Speaking of the latter, the vocals on this album are indeed quite hellish. I don't plan on meeting satan face to face, but in my head this is more or less what he would sound like. These dominating sermons paired with the impenetrable sonic wall of destruction deliver an experience that is utterly captivating. Furthermore, the fury and volume representative of much of this album makes the occasional reprieves of droning ambience all the more stirring.  They provide the listener's ears and minds rest, but never without at least a touch of sinister tension. "Ekstasis" is a true testament to this concept...especially in that sudden, jarring transition to "Lifting The Veil."

Critiques: As much as I love this approach from an experiential standpoint, it doesn't always lend itself well to variety. Taken from a pure songwriting stance, much of the album sounds similar. It may in fact sound like one amorphous blob of the same song upon first listen. Over time the subtle shifts, movements, and differentiated riffs emerge; but it still feels relatively homogenous.

The Verdict: Autocognition of Lighis an oppressive, cacophonous delight.  Fans of more dense, atmospheric music like Ulcerate and Deathspell Omega will relish every moment of this highly immersive experience. However, those looking for a more distinct set of black metal anthems and focus on hooks may find themselves lost and confused. Just give it some time to sink in.

Flight's Fav's: Glorious Wounds, Autocognition Of Light, Mors Mystica

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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