Autobahn 8

May 4, 2018


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The Pitch: Inspired by the likes of The Chariot, Converge, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, French group Contwig promises "abrasive, intricate, fast-paced hardcore blending elements from the US chaotic/math scene with classic French screamo."

What I Like: Contwig do an excellent job of pulling in all of the above influences while maintaining a sound of their own. I hear the creeping of low-key TDEP riffs and raw, chaotic vocals and production of The Chariot, but ultimately Autobahn 8 doesn't sound like an album from any of these bands. Amidst the general focus on Botch-y hooks and deeply resonating drums emerges some interesting experimentation in a number of directions. For instance, Renaud's (of Guisberg) clean vocals on "The Argus" take the track in a bit of a Hopesfall direction while the explosive conclusion of "Climbing Parnassus" sounds like a glitching radio station alternating frequencies with the subsequent mournful piano interlude of "Ausfart 34." The band's stated interest in Cult Of Luna also comes through on the post-metal tinged "This is the Sadness of the Rich White Kids." These touches and more really flesh the album out into a full fledged experience, culminating in the triumphant, dynamic closer, "Oh Please, Go Away."

Critiques: The cohesion of these elements could be stronger. At times this sounds more like a mixtape than a seamlessly flowing LP. There's also general room for improvement in terms of crafting more memorable guitar hooks. I don't feel quite as compelled to respond physically to these compositions as is generally the case with my favorite mathcore records.

The Verdict: Autobahn 8 is an interesting album that has its own distinctive flair to seperate it from the rabble. Contwig have room for improvement when it comes to overall songwriting, but the end result here is enjoyable, and I am confident that their creative edge will serve them well in the future. Pick the album up now on Bandcamp below in digital for the price of your choosing or in various physical formats at a very reasonable cost.

Flight's Fav's: The Argus, 7:38, Climbing Parnassus

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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