Astonishing Debut

Feb. 26, 2016


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Ghost Horizon are a band from Phoenix, Arizona.  This is their debut EP, and the style has been recommended to fans of Alcest, Wolves in the Throne Room and Alcest.  Guitarist Dan Stollings:

"Ghost Horizon, to me, is everything I ever wanted in a band. I can express both my anger/depression and happiness to whatever degree I wish, while also allowing the two opposite emotions to marry. When I wrote the songs on Astral Possession, the ebb and flow of the songs are a direct translation of how I felt at the very moment I wrote it. Working with Uræus on this EP has been amazing, because he has an uncanny ability to understand what I'm trying to say musically, without saying a single word to him about it."

The end result of all of this?  Fantastic.  With only 3 songs, I am already floored by this recording and the idea of more in the future.  The power behind each track, driven equally by exquisite melody and Uræus' amazing, theatrical vocal performance, leads me to comparisons to A Forest of Stars and Beautality in addition to the bands listed above.  Guitars favor cascading runs of triumphant-sounding tremolo to compliment the superbly emotive and inspiring vox.  There's something in the cadence that leads me to hang on every word.

And despite the short length both overall and by song, this is still a very progressive release.  Each plays into the next, transitioning with piano or some other arrangment, making Astral Possession more like a single 10 minute composition.  Would I have liked more?  Absolutely.  But this is a case where such a tease is leaving me just drooling for more.  If we're looking at Ghost Horizon as a business and they're looking to increase demand, they have succeeded.  Stream this below right now and be sure to hit the "follow" button on their page.  This is a band to watch.