Apple Of Discord

Feb. 19, 2019


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The Pitch: Denmark-based progressive metalcore band Ghost Iris pave the way for the genre in 2019 with their latest effort via Long Branch Records. FFO: Periphery, Make Them Suffer, Architects

What I Like: Never heard of these guys before, but call me a new fan. It really does feel like more and more countries are beating the US at its own game. While so many of the originating American metalcore acts have become husks of their former selves or vanished outright, the scene seems to be thriving overseas. Ghost Iris is just the latest band to get things right. Alternating between heavily punctuated djent riffs and soaring melodic choruses, it's impossible to avoid comparisons to similar acts like Periphery. My personal favorite track, "After The Sun Sets Pt. II," has particularly strong parallels from the syncopated guitars to the vocal performance. Were I not fully paying attention, I might think that I'd inadvertantly stumbled into one of their albums. Even the purposefully strained clean singing on the chorus sounds more than a little like Spencer. In any case, if you're going to be compared to other artists, it may as well be the best and most loved. I also really love the vocal duet on "Beauty In Expiration."

Critiques: Ghost Iris may be a little too poppy for some, but give it a few listens and it may grow on you.

The Verdict: Apple Of Discord is an incredibly catchy album that finds a nice balance between radio-friendly choruses and headbanging djent riffs. It's not the most original album you'll hear this month, but you may have trouble putting it down.

Flight's Fav's: After The Sun Sets Pt. II, The Rat And The Snake, Magenta Moon

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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