An Illusive Progress

Nov. 28, 2018


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The Pitch: More top shelf technical, progressive death metal from France's Dysmorphic via Unique Leader Records. FFO: Necrophagist, The Ritual Aura, Obscura

What I Like: An Illusive Progress is an insanely consistent album. With each track clocking in at just around 4-5 minutes for a total runtime just under 45, it seems as if Dysmorphic have really honed in on their sweet spot. Not a second of this album is wasted on anything less than devastatingly groovey hooks and ripping solos. As with the tentacles on the cover art, deep, omnipresent death growls and some seriously proficient bass work seem to surround the listener from all sides. Tracks like "In The Palms Of The Sculptor" take the listener on an engrossing progressive journey, climaxing in epic fashion with dueling guitar harmonies that would leave Swisgaar Skwigelf's jaw on the floor. And "The Vow Of The Bees" has more solos and finger tapping than he would ever know what to do with. They're so blazing, "I need to take off my f#$king shirt off."

Critiques: Stop whispering. It's distracting. Also, this is another one of those times where I wonder if this album is going to get lost in the shuffle. For how consistently fun and well played it is, the lack of any obvious trademarks is a detriment in terms of standing out.

The Verdict: Dysmorphic have proven themselves to be both incredible performers and concise songwriters. Always putting quality over quantity, An Illusive Progress' focus on brevity is exemplary to say the least. With a little more emphasis on developing an individual personality, this is another band with real opportunity to go places.

Flight's Fav's: My Clay, Elements, In The Palms Of The Sculptor

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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