An Atomic Album

Dec. 15, 2015


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Kind of a bummer when albums seem to get lost in the shuffle.  Such seems to be the case with melodic death metal band Pronostic's An Atomic Decision.  It's been quite the year for metal in 2015, and with the decades of over-saturation of this genre, I guess it's not entirely surpising that sometimes people miss out.  But I am here now to make sure that you are not one of those people.

Pronostic are definitely proficient at the melodic side of their moniker.  Despite avoiding any clean vocals, these guitar harmonies and solos do the talking.  Progressive death inspirations abound in a way that maybe most closely resembles those of Bloodshot Dawn.  It's riff mania.  Even dropping the super-aggressive growls on instrumental "Menstrumental" yields endlessly listenable results.

But perhaps even more impressive than the stunning melodies is the technical showmanship beneath them.  Besides flawless sweeps and killer Gothenburg alternations; you will find both the guitars and drums throwing down some awesome time changes and style shifts.  "Becik" serves as a nice example, though any of these highly-focused tracks should leave the casual listener impressed.

I hope people end up checking this one out, because I think there is room for a wide fan base here.  The style and melodies are familiar enough to be welcoming to the run-of-the-mill metalhead while the more technical side should appeal to the LEET crowd.  Prog, Tech,'s all of these wrapped into one easily marketable package.  And despite this, the production and atmosphere don't leave that Splenda taste in my mouth either.  It's the real deal.  Just $5.99 below.